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Starting with passion...

I love lists. I make so many lists all the time...all kinds of lists, things I want to do today, things I want to do for specific projects.. I have a to-do list app, a notebook..ehm notebookS.. and project checklists. When I get something done I usually end up having to check it off on at least 3 different lists.. I could go on for pages about how much I love lists, but I'm trying to get to a very important lists, which is my Bucket list (duh! of course I have that too)

I use bucketlist.org for .. well.. one of my Bucket-lists. It lets me to keep track of all the things I want to do and even add progress steps to each.. it's fun. I add bucket list items often, not too frequently though, only very special things make it to that list; things that really excite me when I think about them, things that I know I will get that awesome sense of achievement when I do them.. most of the things on it are related to travel, places I want to see and countries I want to visit.

There have always been some design related things too, small design achievements, like having my own brand (Done - check it out) and creating a functioning font. But they are all very personal, with an obvious sense of achievement; I'd look at the outcome with a proud look and think: "Ha, I made this!"

Today I added a new item to my bucket list:

"Participate in an actual design sprint"

You know, the way they were developed at google ventures. We read about those sprints all the time, probably follow their process more or less, depending on how organized your team is. But today I was reading yet another article about those design sprints and I suddenly felt that the idea of participating in that process- one week, the war room, the challenge, coming up with something in 5 days - makes me as excited as thinking about seeing the northern lights... well, ok, not the northern lights, but like biking the golden gate bridge!

You have to understand this is huge for me! That a design process can be as exciting to me as traveling makes me realize that my passion for design goes a lot deeper than being what I do, it's who I am (yea it's starting to sound super cheesy I know- but seriously, I'm discovering who I am, it's a big deal!).

I love design, I love thinking about problems, breaking them down and eventually designing a solution! I want to solve all the problems! (ok chill!) This realization really motivated me; every now and then my job - although awesome, and super design focused- seems to become unexciting and I daydream about vacations and time off to do the things on my bucket list.

But today I realized my work, my everyday job, could excite me just as much and I'm looking forward to add more of those items to my bucket list, and of course checking them as DONE!

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